In a world where the entirety of the earth's resources were used to make THE CUTEST ROBOTS EVER.....welcome to Chibi Jaeger Adventures! Warning: Impending stupidity and chibi-fist fights.

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((My hard drive is malfunctioning and while I should be able to hopefully get a replacement for free via my warranty there will be at least a few days where I can’t access my computer followed by me needing to completely recompile my reference folder.

Please bear with me, I’ll put up some traditionally drawn things if I have to

-Assistant Mun Spacey))

((Hey guys, it’s Assistant Mun Spacey in. Anyways the original Chibi Mun is doing commissions and since she built this blog from the ground up I just HAD to signal boost it over here. ))

And of course its sequel, Desolation of Leatherback

((The way I see it is it was a Mark-1 that had been refitted and updated so it wouldn’t cause radiation poisoning the Kaidanovskys the way Coyote Tango gave it to its crew))

They keep using us in model shots! (( I am queuing up a full week of responses to make up for the recent inactivity))

(i’m really sorry! i’m getting my phd and turns out it’s really hard :C)

(thank you for sticking with us!)